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With due attention to importance of saving energy that has noticeable expenditure for governments and also by the problems that create by extension of big cites and increasing contamination including, polluted air, sound pollution .so these maters came to become useless phosile fuel and energy of electricity, so most of the countries such as Iran consider to ways of prevention in recent years.

Some of the important parts in building that decrease consumption and prevent contamination are doors and windows that allocate many percent to themselves .so the most important qualities of this company are:

1) It is energy saving from 35% to 40%.

2) It is impenetrate against dust, smoke and polluted air that produces by erosion of cars (tiers, lining of brake and …)

3) It prevent bothering sound up to 30db (85%)


That in recent years only the building in the border of high way have the necessary of using or changing P.V.C windows for prevention of bothering sound, but unfortunately now a days sound pollution is a great problem by increasing the population and cars in all part of the country and also it is a great threat for people's health that we can solve this problem by using doors and windows P.V.C.

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