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The Panjereh Saz Company produce different kind of doors and windows with due attention to the user's needs.

•  Two dimension windows with the ability of tile and turn two dimension doors , entrance door ,doors of the balcony and services ,doors of the sauna and pool ,folding slide windows and fix windows .

•  Gallons: using German high quality gallons for all system of this company with suitable cost.

•  The ability of making windows with different corner according to the word standard system.

•  Make and installation of insect's net with the ability of rolling in different size at top of the window, easy installation and suitable harmonicons with windows P.V.C in the seasons when there is no need of using net.

•  Partition: we have partitioned off administrative environment with the ability of suitable and firm resistance, very beautiful and good looking by using glass and panel, suitable cost and easy installation.

•  Resistant room against sound: make and installation anti sound room for dividing loudly rooms such as designing engineering rooms in factories, loudly environments and guard room in the street.

•  Two partition glasses: ordering and making two partition glasses to factories of glasses that they are automatic machinery for cutting, washing and making two partition glass with out using hands.

•  Using software for increasing speed and accuracy and decreasing probable mistake.

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