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The Panjereh Saz Sanat Company has started its activity from 2001.

This Company tries to produce its products with high quality by production of doors and windows (U.P.V.C) and placing customers as principle point in the mission and by using law material and high quality gallons in producing doors and windows P.V.C , among them supplying primary picas that made in Germany, that the best witness of this mater is to question from users of this company.

The area of activity of this company is in the most of the cities of Iran including: Tehran , Mashhad , Isfahan , Shiraz , Arak , Qeshm , Kish and the north of the country and we have the honor to give service to our dear compatriot .

The Pnajereh Saz Company tries to produce with high quality by using the modern and automatic German machinery to produce doors and windows P.V.C, so using of automatic machinery and C.N.C and also the complete production lines of doors and windows are essential maters for this company.

This company tries to decrease expenses by importing all necessary materials including: profil , gallons and kinds of both for presentation suitable cost to our honorable.

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